Democrats and Republicans present polar opposite narratives of Title 42’s end

by Jacob Fuller

Willie R. Tubbs, FISM News

In politics, objective and irrefutable truths are often hard to come by. Such was the case early Friday morning when, at midnight Eastern, Title 42 expired.

It is certain that the Trump-era policy, one that allowed for expedited deportation of illegal migrants as a means of stemming the spread of COVID-19, ended. However, Democrats and Republicans presented a vastly different accounts of the nature of things in the first hours of life after Title 42.


Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas said his department had flooded the southern border with the manpower and technology to address an expected influx of people.

“Starting tonight, people who arrive at the border without using a lawful pathway will be presumed ineligible for asylum,” Mayorkas said in a statement. “We are ready to humanely process and remove people without a legal basis to remain in the U.S.”

Mayorkas said 24,000 federal agents as well as troops, contractors, and more than 1,000 asylum officers were in place to “help enforce our laws.”

“Do not believe the lies of smugglers. The border is not open,” Mayorkas said.

People who do not use available lawful pathways to enter the U.S. now face tougher consequences, including a minimum five-year ban on re-entry and potential criminal prosecution. Together with our partners throughout the federal government and Western Hemisphere, we are prepared for this transition.


Republicans, many of whom have gathered on the southern border to witness whatever comes next, describe the U.S.-Mexico border as one poised to break into chaos.

“We are witnessing an absolute travesty unfolding on our southern border,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) tweeted.

As Title 42 approached its expiration date, stories began to emerge of 10,000 or more migrants entering the U.S. daily. It remains to be seen how many people will seek asylum today.

In Texas, a large collection of razor wire was being used to halt and prevent the unchecked flow of a large group of migrants.

“Texas is holding the line,” Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted.

Sen. Ted Budd of North Carolina tweeted, “My message to President Biden: Come to the table, enforce the law, and secure this border now. Strong nations have strong borders. #BidenBorderCrisis.”

Budd was one of several Republican senators to participate in a press conference along the border. Republicans released a video of that event, saying it showed conservative senators “sounding the alarm” about “Biden’s border catastrophe.”

Mayorkas argues that the White House’s plan for immigration is solid, although USA Today reports that even optimistic members of the Biden administration say the effort will take time.

“Our overall approach is to build lawful pathways for people to come to the United States and to impose tougher consequences on those who choose not to use those pathways,” USA Today quoted Mayorkas as saying.