Democrats feel the impact of the immigration crisis in their own communities

by Trinity Cardinal

Marion Bae, FISM News


As recent data released from House Republicans shows just how bad the border crisis has become, Democrats, now feeling the effects in their own backyards, begin to waver on their support of illegal immigration.

Illegal immigration into the U.S. is at an all-time high under President Joe Biden as the federal government has refused to enforce our southern border. As of June, over 2 million encounters of migrants with U.S. border patrol officials have been recorded in 2022 alone.

Republican Congressmen released a report this week demonstrating the gravity of the situation, highlighting over 200,000 migrant encounters in the month of June, compared to 33,000 in June of 2020 under the Trump administration. Their data showed that most of the migrants (7 out of 10) were single adults, but that there was an average of 752 unaccompanied minors encountered each day in June. 

They also reported that of the 3.9 million migrants encountered during Biden’s presidency, over 800,000 were known getaways. In 2022 alone, 20,668 had criminal convictions and 549 were known to be gang members. 

While Democrats often criticize calls for a clear and enforced border as cruel, Republicans argue that it is these open border policies that leave migrants vulnerable. In an effort to make the politicians encouraging open border policies experience the impact of their ideologies, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott fulfilled his promise to offer transport to migrants from Texas to Washington, D.C. Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona took similar action, as he began to bus migrants to D.C. in May, with plans to send up to three buses a week, each carrying up to 40 migrants. 

Ducey cited resource issues and lack of federal support as one reason for choosing to send illegal immigrants to D.C. He said, “With Arizona community resources under all-time demand, and little action or assistance from the federal government, individuals who entered Arizona seeking asylum have the opportunity to voluntarily be transported to Washington, D.C.”

Another official recently spoke out on the effect migrants were having in his city, saying “As I stated, we already have an overburdened shelter system. So now we’re talking about, as you stated, food, clothing, schools.” 

“This is going to impact our schools because we do not turn away individuals because they’re undocumented, need translation services. There’s just a whole host of things that this is going to produce. And that’s why we need help in getting this done and we need to write coordination to make it happen.”

This statement voices similar concerns to Ducey, but it surprisingly came from Democratic New York Mayor Eric Adams, who is just starting to feel a portion of the resource stresses that southern border states have been sounding the alarm about for months. 

Mayor Adams has historically been a strong proponent of immigration. As pointed out by Drew Holden from the Washington Free Beacon, just last June Adams tweeted, “New York City is, and has always been, a City of immigrants. We are a destination for diversity and a place where people from every nation seek refuge, raise families, and enrich our communities. Under my administration, our government will reflect that.”

Holden wrote, “The ‘destination for diversity’ talk sure did dry up quickly when NYC has to deal with the same issues that border towns – without the funding and fanfare – have long faced.”

“America’s geography has long allowed well-heeled liberals to proudly display ‘no human being is illegal’ yard signs without wrestling with the attendant issues of unchecked illegal immigration.”

The White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was also asked for comment on the situation, responding, “We believe it’s shameful that — that some governors are using migrants as a political tool…”

While Jean-Pierre chastises governors at the front lines of the crisis, there are no clear indications that Biden intends to take measures to protect our border.