Democrats in ‘conversation’ about possibly replacing Biden

by ian

President Joe Biden’s performance was the biggest news to come out of the first debate as many Democrat strategists reportedly began panicking, even while the debate was ongoing.

Republican Sen. JD Vance of Ohio indicated that the Democrats may be looking to replace Biden.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid spoke about how she was in conversation with many Democrats during the debate, all of whom were in a “panic” about their candidate.

All of these comments and speculations seem to be ringing true. According to CNN Chief National Correspondent John King, the conversation to possibly replace Biden began “minutes into the debate.”

Still, some are trying to prop up the president despite his performance. Vice President Kamala Harris said the beginning was “slow” but defended his performance throughout. First Lady Jill Biden also congratulated the president after the debate for “answering the questions.” That statement was criticized for how low it set the bar for Biden.