Democrats plan for “blitz primary” to replace Biden

by ian

Democrats are trying to figure out how to nominate someone else to run for president.

According to Axios, a Democratic operative said on Saturday that “Every single person not named Biden” or “paid by the president, recognizes how deep a hole he’s in.” The Washington Post estimates that only 1 out of 10 Biden supporters think he should stay.

In the face of this uncertainty, two Democrats are organizing a “blitz primary” to nominate a new leader. Professor Rosa Brooks at Georgetown University and venture capitalist Ted Dintersmith proposed that President Joe Biden should gracefully bow out of the race by mid-July.

Vice President Kamala Harris would support his decision and call for a blitz primary where candidates, such as Harris, would make their bid as possible presidential nominees.

Brooks told the Washington Examiner that all this is contingent on Biden’s ultimate decision and that Democrats could still put up a good fight in November, even if the president stays in the race.