Democrats Push For Trump Biden Debates

by davidscott

Samuel Case, FISM News


Senate Democrats are now pushing for Joe Biden to debate Trump saying they will give Biden a chance to provide a stark difference between himself and the President. Democrat strategists have been suggesting that no debate would be politically advantageous for Biden, considering he is already up in the polls and a debate would only serve to tighten the race. But Democrats in the Senate disagree with this thinking. 


According to a Hill report, Democrats are actively encouraging Biden to hop in the arena. Sen. Diane Fianstine said Biden would look better after the debates saying, “Biden has nothing to be ashamed of, and I think he will shine. I think his candidacy is about an alternative to Trump, and Joe represents that alternative.” 


Senator and former Democratic Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren weighed in on the issue saying Biden shouldn’t fear a debate “We’ve had presidential debates for a long time now, and it’s been a way for a lot of people around the nation to be able to see the candidates in action . . . I know that Joe Biden will show who he is, a man of both empathy and competence, and I’d like the American people to have a chance to see that,” Warren said. 


In the New York Times Thomas Friedman argued that Biden should only debate Trump if the president releases his tax returns and if the debates have real-time fact-checkers. “Otherwise he’s giving Trump unfair advantages,” Friedman wrote. The idea of having fact-checkers at the debate has been raised by several Democratic strategists and legislators. 


President Donald Trump has been itching for a debate with Biden since he became the presumptive Democratic nominee. As far as Biden himself is concerned he says he can “hardly wait” to debate Trump.



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