Democrats Reveal $3.5 Trillion ‘Human Infrastructure’ Budget Bill

by ian

Ian Patrick, FISM News


Facing stiff opposition from Republicans on his $4 trillion infrastructure pet project plan, President Biden got a boost from his Democrat colleagues on Tuesday with the announcement of a new $3.5 trillion “human infrastructure” plan.

The plan is intended to be added to a separate bipartisan infrastructure effort which currently totals $1.2 trillion. This bill which includes $600 billion of new spending, is an effort from both Republicans and Democrats to appease the actual infrastructure part of Biden’s American Jobs Plan while trying to avoid what they see as unnecessary parts of the bill .

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said that the plan, when combined with this other bipartisan effort, will be “very, very close to what President Biden asked us for.”

More details from the bill are expected soon, but it is expected to focus on multiple priorities that Biden had included in his proposal such as two years of free community college, health care subsidies, and extending the boosted child tax credit. It is also expected to focus on Medicare and include tax increases for wealthier Americans.


Prior to the meeting, Schumer heavily promoted unity among the Democratic caucus in coming to an agreement on the now proposed bill. Democrat unity is especially crucial for this effort as it is intended to be passed under budget reconciliation in the Senate. Under budget reconciliation rules in the chamber, a legislation is allowed to bypass the filibuster with a simple majority vote. Considering the Senate is evenly split between Democrats and Republicans, the bill would need all 50 Democrats to pass it along with Vice President Kamala Harris’ tie-breaking vote.