Democrats Seize Gun Control Narrative After Shootings

by sam
Democrats Sieze Gun Control Narrative After Shooting

Samuel Case, FISM News


Following the deadly shootings in Georgia and Colorado, President Biden and other Democrats are seizing the opportunity to push gun control policy.

Biden, in particular, is looking to reinstitute an assault weapons ban and end what he calls the “Charleston loophole” – referring to a provision that allows for a gun purchase to go through if the FBI background check takes longer than three days.  The House recently passed legislation giving federal officials 10 days to complete background checks.

The President expressed his sympathies to the victims’ families and laid a out vision for gun control in an address, saying “We can ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in this country once again. I got that done when I was a senator. It passed. It was the law for the longest time and it brought down these mass killings. We should do it again.”

Between 1994 and 2004 the United States had in place a Federal Assault Weapons Ban.

FISM News previously reported the majority of mass shootings are perpetuated with hand guns.  According to Statista, between 1982 and February 2020 hand guns were used in 95 mass shootings, while rifles were used in 47.

Former President Barack Obama also chimed in with a statement saying, “It will take time to root out the disaffection, racism and misogyny that fuels so many of these senseless acts of violence. But we can make it harder for those with hate in their hearts to buy weapons of war.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Paski said in Tuesday’s White House press briefing that Biden is considering “executive action” to accomplish some of his gun control priorities.

When asked if Biden will be using the executive pen to address gun violence, Psaki said, “We are considering a range of levers, including working through legislation, including executive action. That has been under discussion and will continue to be under discussion.”