Democrats use SCOTUS abortion case to attack Republicans

by ian

The abortion pill case before the Supreme Court is – expectedly – causing quite a stir.

As we reported yesterday, a group of doctors have argued that the FDA knowingly endangered women by making mifepristone a widely available drug despite safety concerns. The doctors note in their argument that the FDA acknowledges such safety concerns.

But, the defense argues that there is no legal standing to pursue the case.  The Justices appear to be entertaining the notion of legality in their ruling.

Liberal Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson was a critical voice in the hearings. Justice Samuel Alito, however, questioned if it was right to outright dismiss the case.

A ruling is expected by sometime in July. But until then, Democrats seem to be seizing on the opportunity to attack Republicans over abortion messaging.

Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022, Republicans have been adamant about issuing mostly pro-life measures. Democrats have taken it upon themselves to send out more than a dozen press releases in an attempt to remind voters of Republican stances regarding abortion.

Each of the 14 releases focuses on a different Congressional Republican, mostly in swing districts, saying they “pioneered the same legislation as the anti-abortion groups currently in front of [the] Supreme Court.”

Democrats have been succeeding off this rhetoric since the 2022 midterms, and are looking to make it a staple campaign point in 2024. It already has shown promise for the party as Democrats were able to flip a House seat in Arizona on Tuesday.

A special election there allowed Democrat Marilyn Lands to nab a seat in a longtime Republican district. Lands achieved this by primarily committing to protect access to in-vitro fertilization procedures in the state.

Republicans will have to hone in on their messaging for pro-life matters if they want to successfully combat this push from Democrats. However, the right has already faced internal arguments over various aspects of pro-life politics, including the possibility of a nationwide abortion ban.