Dems join in rebuking Biden over withholding Israeli aid

by ian

Several House Democrats are unhappy with President Joe Biden’s handling of Israeli aid.

Yesterday, 16 Democrats joined the GOP in protest against the White House’s decision to withhold military support for Israel. The Israel Security Assistance Support Act passed 224 to 187. Three hard-right Republicans, including Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.), voted against the measure.

The Biden administration withheld heavy bombs from the IDF for fear that the weapons would cause mass casualties in Rafah. But the GOP isn’t buying that narrative.

Should the bill pass in the Senate, it would condemn Biden’s posture on Israel. Even though the likelihood of a president signing into law a bill specifically meant to rebuke him is slim, condemnation from both chambers might be enough to pressure Biden into shipping the equipment, which has already been approved by Congress.