DNC scrambles to get Biden on Ohio ballot while fears grow of convention protests

by ian

Democrats are still scrambling to get President Joe Biden on the ballot in Ohio before the state’s certification deadline on Aug. 7.

The problem is that the deadline is less than two weeks before the Democratic National Convention on Aug. 19, when Biden will become the party’s official nominee. The DNC is now pushing to nominate Biden virtually, similar to how they did during the pandemic, before the deadline.

Ohio state lawmakers are holding a special session this week to pass legislation ensuring Biden will be on the ballot at the urging of Republican Gov. Mike Dewine.

But that’s not the DNC’s only concern. Several Democrats are telling the Daily Caller they’re also afraid that anti-Israel protests could disrupt the convention, possibly creating a PR nightmare for the Biden campaign.

Dozens of far-left organizations are planning a so-called “March on the DNC” when the convention begins. The threat of protest is leading to even more calls for a virtual convention.