Document leak shows Chinese mass surveillance, crackdowns

by ian


Chinese police are scrambling to find leads after an unauthorized leak of documents that reveal the state’s massive surveillance activities.

Private security contractor I-Soon works with the Chinese government and top police forces. Now, a 190-megabyte treasure trove of leaked documents gives an inside look at the state’s hacking and surveillance activities. The information shows Beijing heavily targets Hong Kong citizens, Muslims, Tibetans, and the Uyghurs.

I-Soon also located protestors through social media sites like X and used a tool to “unmask” real identities. Additionally, the documents detail hacks of foreign government sites to track down dissidents abroad.

The documents conspicuously don’t mention any successful hacks of the U.S. or NATO allies. But a cybersecurity analyst cautions that Chinese authorities would be all the more desperate to find the culprit if they leaked that kind of inflammatory info.