Dozens of lawmakers not seeking reelection in 2024

by ian

A surge of retirements in Congress is threatening to shake up the playing field in 2024.

To date, 38 lawmakers have announced they are not seeking reelection. In the House, 20 Democrats and 11 Republicans are not looking to hold onto their seats in 2024. This goes along with five Democrats and two Republicans in the Senate,  including prominent moderate Senators Mitt Romney and Joe Manchin.

Manchin’s retirement is particularly bad news for Democrats in the heavily Republican state of West Virginia, but any open seats always pose a major risk to the party whose candidate has vacated the position.

Over the four election cycles from 2014-2020, 34 percent of the seats that changed parties were in cases where the incumbent left office. This is according to a report from Politico.

The true weight of the shakeup like hasn’t been felt yet as most retirements tend to be announced in January following the Christmas break.