Full Episode: God Pleaser vs. People Pleaser

by Stephanie Murray

Season 4 Ep 2: God Pleaser vs. People Pleaser

Do you find yourself bending your Christ-centered opinions to be more accepted? Tonight, the girls address the temptation Christians face to exchange God’s favor for man’s approval. They discuss practical ways to avoid the people-pleasing trap and stay focused on our calling as children of God. Don’t miss the Out-of-the-Box segment, when Daisy Isler and Lauren Bryant join them to talk about their Favorite Things Instagram account & highlight some of their best picks for clean living products.




Outspoken is a television show and podcast established in 2019 out of a desire to speak Godly truth in love in order to unite mothers into a sisterhood of faith. Further, Outspoken was created to normalize and encourage each other throughout the immense joys and difficulties of Motherhood.