ESPN Host Stephen A. Smith Calls Tim Tebow’s Return To The NFL “White Privilege”

by Seth Udinski

Seth Udinski, FISM News


ESPN, the self-proclaimed “worldwide leader in sports,” has proven time and again to more accurately be a worldwide leader in leftist politics. One of the station’s most colorful and popular hosts, Stephen A. Smith, continued the network’s ultra-liberal trend last week.

On the station’s premiere sports talk show, First Take, Smith and fellow co-host Max Kellerman criticized newly signed Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Tim Tebow.  Smith openly declared that Tebow, a 33-year old who had been out of the league for five full seasons, got the job with Jacksonville not because of his talent or work ethic, but because of “white privilege:”

I’m happy for him, meaning Tim Tebow specifically, but when you look at the totality of the situation…is this not an example of white privilege?…That makes people uncomfortable because we’re talking about race when I say something like that….It is white privilege because that’s not something that’s happening for any brothers out there.

Smith is a brilliant sports analyst and holds a high position as the top anchor of ESPN’s popular sports talk show, but he is woefully mistaken to suggest Tebow was signed by the Jaguars because of “white privilege.”  Smith is no political expert, nor is his sidekick Max Kellerman.

To his credit, Kellerman defended Tebow’s signing.  However, he then included a ludicrous charge to Tebow, that the former Heisman Trophy winner should publicly request that the NFL give Colin Kaepernick a “fair shot” at a contract.

It would be nice for Tim Tebow, who has been given this opportunity – he doesn’t have to apologize for it – but it would be nice for him to mention Kaepernick’s name.

Kaepernick, the man who first popularized kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality in 2016, has also been out of the league for the last several years.  Unlike Tebow, who is constantly degraded by the liberal sports media machine for his courageous Christian faith and conservative values, Kaepernick is viewed as a hero and a martyr for the cause of justice.

From a statistical standpoint, Kaepernick is no more deserving of a starting job than Tebow, especially considering the media headache that would likely come with the former 49ers quarterback.  Although Kaepernick has started many more regular season games (58) than Tebow (14), Tebow has a better career winning percentage as a quarterback (8-6) than Kaepernick (28-30).  Both players have a similar touchdown-to-interception ratio – Tebow has 17 touchdowns to 8 INTs, and Kaepernick has 72 touchdowns and 30 INTs.