European Parliament favors sales of human embryos

by ian

The European Union has voted overwhelmingly to allow for the sale of human embryos.

Parliament voted 483-52 to include the embryos in its Substances of Human Origin framework. In doing so, they also are putting embryos on the same level as blood, cells, and other substances that come from a human.

Roman Catholics and conservative ethicists have decried the decision with EU bishops remarking that “human life is not just a ‘substance of human origin.'”

Beyond concerns about how embryos might be sold and used, the bishops also worry that the framework may override pro-life measures in some member states. Brussels-based NBIC Ethics also lambasted lawmakers for advancing a “highest-bidder body and fertility market.”

Notably, lawmakers shot down amendments that would prevent financial gain from the embryos, but donors can only be compensated for loss or expenses incurred while making the donation.

The European Council, which has representatives from all EU member councils, must now decide if they agree with the inclusion.