FBI’s Wray concerned about mainland terror attack

by ian

FBI Director Chris Wray told House lawmakers yesterday that the Bureau is concerned about the possibility of a coordinated terror attack in the U.S.

In his opening remarks at a hearing in front of the House Appropriations Committee, Wray lamented the fact that there were “so many … elevated” threats to the American people. He cited everything from cartel activity to foreign wars as contributing to these threats.

Wray also took time to specifically express concern over a potential “concentrated attack.” He cited last month’s deadly ISIS-K concert hall attack in Russia as an example.

Wray pointed to other examples, such as the crisis from the border and cyberattacks from China, as other reasons why they need resources.

A lot of the panel members, however, took a focus on the border crisis asking Wray about what the FBI and the broader federal government is doing about it. Chairman Harold Rogers (R-Ky.) grilled Wray on a lack of cooperation with the Mexican government.

California Rep. Mike Garcia, however, gave the most heated Q&A session of the hearing. Using most of his time, the Republican from California spoke for many Americans by telling the FBI Director that he didn’t have confidence in the FBI’s ability to protect.

Ironically, one of Wray’s requests during the hearing was to extend a certain aspect of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. This is currently under heated debate in the House, as many think it is being used extensively to spy on everyday Americans for reasons besides protection from foreign threats.