FDA approves second OTC fentanyl-fighting drug

by ian

In light of the fentanyl crisis plaguing the nation, the FDA just approved a second over-the-counter drug meant to fight drug overdoses.

The drug is called RiVive and is expected to be available early next year. It follows closely on the heels of Narcan, another OTC drug approved by the FDA back in March.

Both drugs nasal spray medications that rapidly reverse or block the effects of opioids. They can save lives if given within minutes of the first signs of an overdose.

Kasey Dille, an addiction survivor who now works at Teen Challenge, spoke on the life-saving nature of these drugs, but also their implications.

This comes as more than 105,000 fatal drug overdoses were reported in the United States from March 2022 to February of this year. Most of these were caused by fentanyl.