Financial Issues is a live call-in program, focusing on financial stewardship. From 9-10 a.m. EST. Financial advisor, Shana Burt, speaks to thousands of listeners who are seeking to honor God with their finances. Having been mentored by Dan Celia, Founder of Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries, Shana has taken up the torch to educate listeners and viewers about the economy, markets, and investments from a biblical perspective

In a culture that is aggressive to promote ideologies that grieve the heart of God, it is critical for Christians to be faithful stewards of what God has given them- using their resources to promote Kingdom work and to avoid investing in companies that support anti-biblical causes such as Planned Parenthood and the pornography industry.

With a focus on biblically responsible investing, Shana helps those desiring to honor God with their finances to consider their stock choices, donations, and financial decisions by applying Godly wisdom, biblical conviction, and practical advice.

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Financial Issues connects you with impactful Christian investing advice and biblical guidance to make the most of every important financial decision. With relevant discussions on stocks, investments, and other money moves, you’ll discover a wealth of information that empowers you to become stronger financially and grow spiritually.

Christian investing advice goes hand in hand with a strong foundation of faith and stewardship. Through our Christian financial programming, you’ll learn how to steward your money through proven financial strategies that honor Christ. With humble hearts and spirits, we can give of ourselves from the overflowing abundance and generosity that comes from the Lord. By helping our listeners take control of their Christian finances through useful Christian financial programming, we prepare our listeners with the ability to give more, spend wisely, and honor the Lord with every financial decision.


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With live Christian investing radio shows available every morning from 9 AM-10 AM ET, maintaining a stronger faith through finances has never been easier. Along with the best investing and financial radio shows, you can access our free Christian news page for all of the latest coverage and exciting news updates.


Our Christian investing radio show is an amazing platform for real-time Christian investing advice and discussion. Dan Celia directly connects with listeners and provides in-depth explanations of every important topic featured on our popular Christian financial show. You’ll develop improved spending habits, discover better ways to manage retirement funds and learn other top strategies to achieve financial independence while growing closer with the Lord.

With thousands of listeners tuning into our Christian financial show, you’ll have access to the most relevant financial issues of our times. Many of our listeners regularly seek Godly guidance and find that by openly sharing and discussing with Dan, while discovering realistic financial solutions.

As one of the most popular financial investment radio shows online, you can directly reach out to our network for guidance. Dan is open to any questions and discusses the strategies that make the most sense for your wallet. We truly care about helping our listeners develop healthier finances, stronger relationships with the Lord, and focus on important financial material that gives our listeners an advantage in today’s complex financial system. Dan’s goal is to help listeners have the financial foundation and freedom to be able to invest in kingdom work.


With Shana’s Christian investing advice, you’ll learn to honor God in a variety of meaningful ways. As a wise stock investor and finance expert, Dan’s Christian financial show discusses valid reasons to invest or withdraw investments from certain funds or stocks. To continually honor the Lord, it’s important to support companies that share in our vision of exposing Jesus for who He is, what He means, and what He can do.

On the other side of investing, you’ll learn a variety of important reasons that Christian finances should be focused on corporations and funds that reflect our Christian values. Dan recommends avoiding investments with companies that support ungodly principles.

When you tune in to our top financial investment radio shows, you’ll learn to realign your finances on a variety of levels. By relating common expenses and financial considerations with biblical principles, we actively encourage our listeners to grow deeper in Christ. Strengthening your foundation with the Lord is simple, and with sound investments and financial moves guiding your daily actions, you will begin to feel confident in stewarding his gifts.

By providing well-rounded financial investment radio shows that cover the most common financial situations, we hope to become a reliable source of financial wisdom that empowers you to serve the Lord with newfound peace and joy. As your Christian finances become stronger, so will your ability to share your love for Christ with others in need. As a Christian community that continues to grow together, we know that by empowering each other with useful and realistic financial strategies, we can collectively help spread the hope and healing that comes from Christ alone.


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