Finding The Stones Of Stonehenge

by fism

Ian Patrick, FISM News

Scientists and researchers have finally figured out a plausible origin of the stones that make up the Stonehenge monument.

A research article published in Science Advances details the methods and findings of this study.  Apparently the “bluestones” of the monument have piqued geological interest because they “are clearly not local to Stonehenge.”  Data shows that these bluestones must have originated from southwest Wales.  The larger stones, known as “sarsens,” proved to be much more difficult to determine its place of origin.

The article details the kind of geochemical data the researchers used, and how they showed that the majority of these stones share similar chemistry.  The researchers are then able to say that these stones that share chemical makeup originated from the same area.

Using a sample from one of these stones, they cross reference the geochemical makeup with other sarsens in Britain.  This data leads the researchers to believe that the sarsens of the Stonehenge most likely came from the West Woods in Wiltshire.

Sourced from Science Advances