Floods Leave Over 100 Dead in Europe

by JBullock

Justin Bullock, FISM News


After days of heavy rainfall, flash floods are sweeping along river basins throughout western Germany and Belgium. Thus far over 125 people have died due to the flooding and hundreds more are either injured or still missing. Local and national governments have deployed as many rescue workers as possible, including the military, but thus far efforts have been ineffective at controlling the natural disasters.

The floods have destabilized surrounding landscapes and generated chain reaction land slides which have also resulted in extensive property damage and even deaths. Thousands of peoples’ homes have been destroyed in the effects of the floods as well, leaving local governments scrambling as to what to do with such a substantial influx of homeless refuges. Regions impacted by the floods have been declared disaster areas and officials are calling for any assistance that can be given.

One of the areas most impacted by the floods is home to the governor likely to succeed Angela Merkel after she retires following the upcoming German election in September. These disastrous events will be an early test for Governor Armin Laschet of North Rhine-Westphalia and will be a way for German voters and politicians to evaluate how he may serve as the leader of all of Germany.