Florida judge blocks parts of state transgender law

by ian

It appears a federal judge has temporarily blocked parts of Florida’s new law concerning access to puberty blockers.

The families of three children sued the state over the rule. In his ruling, Judge Robert Hinkle wrote “Gender identity is real” and said banning the treatments ignores other risks that the patients may face, such as depression and suicide.

In similar news, the Louisiana Senate passed a bill which bans transgender treatments and surgeries for minors in a 29-10 vote. The House overwhelmingly passed the law, but still needs to vote on amendments made in the Senate.

It will then head to the desk of Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards. But it’s unclear if he will sign it.

This comes as, for the first time, the Human Rights Campaign has declared a state of emergency for the LGBT community in the U.S., citing these kinds of laws.