Florida parents file lawsuit against school district for hiding daughter’s gender identity

by Seth Udinski
Florida parents file lawsuit against school district for hiding daughter’s gender identity

Seth Udinski, FISM News


Two concerned parents in Florida are taking a school district to court for failing to inform them of gender counseling that affected their daughter’s mental, emotional, and moral health.

January and Jeffrey Littlejohn are suing the Leon County School Board, Superintendent of Schools Rocky Hanna and Assistant Superintendent, Equity Officer and Title IX Compliance Coordinator Kathleen Rodgers. The Littlejohn’s are filing the suit on behalf of their 13-year-old daughter.

Their daughter claims she has experienced gender confusion, which according to her parents was mostly due to peer pressure. School executives subsequently met with the young girl and allegedly encouraged her to explore her feelings of gender fluidity without the parents’ consent, even calling her by another name that matched her new identity.

The parents said they believe the school has “colluded with [our] daughter to deceive us so that we would never have known she was going by an alternate name.”

The lawsuit states, in part,

Defendants have violated Plaintiffs’ fundamental rights by implementing a protocol which explicitly circumvents parental notification and involvement in critical decisions affecting their children’s mental, emotional and physical health, i.e., the children’s assertion of a discordant gender identity and accommodations to facilitate asserting the discordant gender identity at school.

The strict LGBTQ standards of the school district made it nearly impossible for the parents to know that their daughter was meeting with school counselors, let alone the content of the meetings.

A similar instance happened in New York last year with parents finding out after the fact that their 12-year-old daughter was given gender counseling at school. Both cases highlight the concern parents have that schools are shielding them from being able to uphold the biblical mandate they have to “train up their children” in the way of the Lord.

This case was filed in mid October, and the outcome is pending. FISM News will continue to follow it as it unfolds.