Florida teen gains legal right to have an abortion without parental consent

by Seth Udinski

Seth Udinski, FISM News


In a development that touches on both the fight for life and the rights of parents, a minor in Florida recently won the legal right to abort her unborn child without her parent’s permission.

Sources in Tampa revealed that a local 17-year-old girl has been granted the legal right to abort her unborn baby, even though state law requires those under the age of 18 to gain parental consent before taking an abortion pill. The girl claims her parents would not have allowed her to abort the baby, so she filed in court for permission to do so.

Her lawyer, Rinky Parwani, argues that the girl should not be forced with the financial burden of supporting a child when she plans to join the military and eventually become a nurse,

Parwani said,

That is huge for these ladies that petition the court for this. They do have futures, they understand that having a child may limit those futures in different ways…Any young teenage girl who is pregnant is already going through a huge emotional burden. What is really fundamental in this decision is the court understood that she had resources available to her to make the right decision.

The petition was originally denied by the courts due to the girl’s age and understanding, but an appeal was later granted.

Judge Darryl Casanueva ordered the appeal to be upheld, saying,

The petitioner’s testimony demonstrates that she possesses an ability to assess the consequences of her choice and the risk it entails, as well as the intention to reassess her decision after consultation with her physician.

The latest update is that the girl has not yet aborted the baby and appears to be weighing the options with her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s family.

FISM News will follow any more developments as they arise, and we ask you to pray for this young girl and for the safety of her unborn child.