Former Biden ‘disinformation’ chief told to be vague

by ian

Biden’s former disinformation chief says she was told to be “vague” about the organization’s role.

Nina Jankowicz, the former head of the short-lived Disinformation Governance Board admitted to Congress that the Department of Homeland Security intentionally glossed over transparency expectations. She said, “The guidance from up above was that we were to be as vague as possible, which I found very frustrating.”

Jankowicz resigned from the board amid backlash from Republicans who believed the group wasn’t impartial. The DHS board soon dissolved after her departure.

Jankowicz also said she felt she was “thrown under the bus” by Homeland Security when the disinformation board came under scrutiny.

To call the short-lived governance board a farce borders on an understatement, and to call Jankowicz measured is to be charitable beyond what is reasonable. She has famously fallen for many pieces of disinformation and pushed for censorship of certain types of speech on Twitter.

FISM News covered the creation of the board and all of the fallout in 2022. The wheels of the disinformation board effectively fell off as quickly as it was announced. Journalists, politicians, and average Americans with an appreciation for the First Amendment and a healthy distrust of the government to identify fact from fiction took turns criticizing the Orwellian-named board and its leader.

Those criticisms grew even louder when videos emerged showing Jankowicz singing – yes, singing – about disinformation and/or performing sex acts in exchange for career advancement. Among the critics was an FISM opinion contributor who shredded the concept of a disinformation board and spared no criticism in addressing the board’s administrator.

In 2023, Republicans in Congress launched an all-out offensive against the board, subpoenaing officials and working to defund the board over many months. Appropriate given the recent revelation of Jamkowicz’s orders to be vague, DHS responded to subpoenas with files redacted to the point of absurdity.

The board was paused shortly after its creation and then permanently shuttered several months later.