Former DEA official warns China is moving beyond fentanyl

by ian

A former official for the DEA is claiming that there might soon be a new dangerous drug in the U.S.

Former DEA Special Operations Director Derek Maltz Sr. claimed that this new drug is an opioid called “nitazenes.” The dangerous drug is reportedly stronger than fentanyl. But Maltz specifically points the finger for this new drug at China, saying that it is a part of their plan “to destabilize and destroy America under the disguise of drug addiction.”

The U.S. has previously taken action against China for its alleged role in fueling the American opioid crisis. China established some connections with Mexican drug cartels that notably smuggle drugs across the border. But Maltz says that China is moving “to a more deadly attack with the nitazenes” and that they are “beyond fentanyl.”

Maltz also aired similar concerns about Chinese involvement with marijuana and its potential impact on the U.S.