Former N.Y. Governor Cuomo shows political life despite controversies

by mcardinal

Willie R. Tubbs, FISM News


Andrew Cuomo isn’t scandal proof, but his political career has not been canceled. Even after resigning over allegations of sexual misconduct and being hounded for his lack of success in protecting New York’s elderly from COVID-19, the former governor still has a sizeable chunk of supporters.

According to a recent Emerson College Poll, Cuomo would compete well against current Gov. Kathy Hochul if the two both sought the Democratic nomination in New York’s next gubernatorial primary.

This result does not necessarily mean that Cuomo has regained his former popularity. More than 60% of respondents said they thought Cuomo should refrain from seeking public office.

However, the results show how much equity the former governor has built in New York. When his name was removed from a pool of potential Democratic nominees for governor, Hochul’s odds of winning grew by five percentage points, from 37 to 42%.

Hochul has not commented on the Emerson Poll and has instead carried herself as an incumbent already eyeing the general election, using her social media presence to plug platform planks and tout endorsements.

“New York is not just a place — it’s an ideal that embodies excitement, energy, and endless possibilities,” a penned tweet on Hochul’s official Twitter account reads. ‘It’s time for us to seize this moment with hope and optimism. It’s time for us to build a future every New Yorker can believe in.”

Cuomo recently reemerged on the public stage and is certainly acting like a many preparing to run for office, or at least intent upon influencing the narrative surrounding his legacy.

He’s spent much of the past week sharing clips from his first public speech since his resignation.

“We in NY showed that the Democratic Party can still be that party-the party that improves lives,” Cuomo tweeted last Sunday. “We raised the minimum wage to $15. We passed the strongest gun safety laws. We enacted free college tuition for the middle class & paid leave. We changed lives and led the nation.”

In a way, Cuomo has at the state level recreated the style of former President Donald Trump, who has given numerous speeches celebrating his accomplishments and lamenting what happened after his departure from office.

And while neither man has announced a run for anything, each has spoken as a person keen on trying again.

“You elected me to fight for you, to fight back against the Albany hacks, flacks and bureaucrats, to say hell no to the status quo, to make government work for you rather than for the special interest few, to make New York the best because we believe we are better than the rest,” Cuomo tweeted Friday. 

The Democratic primary would take place in late June if needed. If Hochul seeks reelection unopposed, no primary will be held.

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