4 hostages found dead as ceasefire deal unravels

by ian

Israel officials say they found four more dead hostages in Gaza, including three older men who were seen begging for release in an earlier propaganda video, according to ABC News. Only about 80 hostages are still believed to be alive as of now, while 43 are presumed to be dead.

This is out of the 250 who were kidnapped on October 7th. This comes amid the contentious ceasefire debate which Israel says the US has not communicated accurately.

Last Friday, President Joe Biden called on Israel to accept a plan that the Jewish nation allegedly came up with. But a senior Israeli official said that Biden’s comment did not seem logical and that Israel’s plans have not changed in Gaza.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu likewise said during a foreign affairs meeting, “The claims that we have agreed to a cease-fire without our conditions being met are incorrect.”