France continues to warn populace of bedbug infestation

by ian

The French Health Minister now has a panic on his hands, as tourists and residents are raising the alarm on a bedbug invasion.

Videos online have gone viral exposing the tiny insects on trains, in cinemas, and other places throughout France. Health Minister Aurelien Rousseau said that there is “no reason for a general panic.”

However, Paris is calling on the federal government to fight the “scourge” of bedbugs ahead of the 2024 Olympic games, which are set to take place in the city next summer.

A local pest control store manager echoed the health minister’s assurances, saying France has always had a bug problem.

Now, sniffer dogs are being brought in to help inspect trains, but the transport minister claimed that not a single bedbug has been found. He added that reports on the bedbugs will be published every three months, hoping that “total transparency will bring total confidence.”