G20 Summit wraps up

by ian


The G20 Summit in India wrapped up last week.

Climate change was a major focus of the meeting, and afterwards President Joe Biden even declared it a greater threat than nuclear war.

Leaders signed a consensus agreement part of which aimed at tripling global renewable energy capacity by 2030. Importantly, though, no specific goals were agreed upon.

But climate wasn’t the only topic of interest. Leaders also announced a multinational rail and ports deal linking the Middle East and South Asia in a historic infrastructure plan.

It’s aimed in part at countering China’s belt and road initiative, with hopes of providing developing countries with an alternative infrastructure investor.

Meanwhile, tension rose over the war in Ukraine, with the consensus agreement not specifically condemning Russia. Instead, the signatory nations called the war a ‘special military operation.’ Ukraine called the resolution “nothing to be proud of,” but leaders like French President Emmanuel Macron say the G20 confirmed Russia as a global pariah.

The summit concluded with the passing of the presidency to Brazil for next year’s summit in Rio De Janeiro.