Gaetz moving forward with McCarthy ouster

by ian


Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz has had it with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Following McCaarthy turning to Democrats to help pass an 11th-hour continuing resolution passed this Saturday, Gaetz said he will be moving to vacate McCarthy from his position as speaker. Gaetz used some choice language about McCarthy over the weekend during an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” program.

McCarthy responded to the challenge during an appearance on the CBS show “Face the Nation,” telling Gaetz to “bring it on.”

As with many of these issues, rumors are floating around as to what is being done behind the scenes. Gaetz, in his CNN interview, suggested McCarthy made “a secret deal” regarding funding for Ukraine in order to pass the continuing resolution.

The CR passed with no funding allotted for Ukraine, and McCarthy’s team has not indicated the existence of any backroom deal as mentioned by Gaetz.

But the rumors continue. In order to get McCarthy ousted, Gaetz will have to ironically rely on Democrat support – one of the reasons he’s trying to remove the current Speaker.

In exchange for support, the New York Post reported that Gaetz allegedly offered Democrats on the House Oversight Committee subpoena power in its impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

A spokesperson for the Florida Republican denied this deal, calling it “an absolute lie and a total fabrication.” Politico also reported that Gaetz has been courting Democrats’ thoughts on ousting McCarthy for weeks.

All of this also happens to come at a potentially bad time for Gaetz, politically speaking. According to The Daily Wire, some House Republicans will be filing a motion to expel him from Congress altogether.

This is because of a pending House Ethics Committee report looking into certain behaviors such as sexual misconduct and illicit drug use, among others.

Republicans said they would seriously consider looking to have him removed if Gaetz was found guilty of any of the allegations levied against him.