Gaetz threatens McCarthy with ousting over Biden impeachment

by ian

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) may now be in the hot seat, as Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz is now threatening to oust the speaker over his alleged inaction towards impeaching President Joe Biden.

Gaetz expressed his frustration Tuesday during an interview with radio host Todd Starnes. The congressman also spoke of a “toolkit” of rules and procedures that he and others assembled – which apparently has gone widely unused since January.

Gaetz even revealed that there are “contingency plans in the event that McCarthy is not as productive” once Congress reconvenes. Now this may just be one voice against the speaker, but that might be all that’s needed.

McCarthy agreed to lower the threshold for a motion to remove him as speaker from five members to one as part of the deal to secure his speakership – meaning Gaetz could single handedly push for his removal.