Gaza power plant shuts down as Israel continues siege

by ian


As supplies dwindle in the Gaza Strip, Israel is refusing to supply any food, water, or power to the region until every hostage taken by Hamas is freed.

Wednesday, Gaza’s only power plant officially ran out of fuel, making the situation all the more dire. Israel is currently facing the worst hostage crisis it’s ever seen. It’s believed Hamas terrorists kidnapped between 100 and 150 people, among them children and elderly citizens.

Israel is vowing to wipe out the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip following Saturday’s terror rampage, the death toll from which has risen to 1,300.

Over the last five days, Israel has pounded the Gaza Strip, targeting Hamas outposts with airstrikes. And while Israel says it’s trying to avoid civilian casualties, reports suggest over 1,000 people have been killed in Gaza and over 300,000 displaced.

Egypt says it’s in discussion with the U.S. to get humanitarian aid into Gaza, but says it will not accept any refugees.