Georgia sues Biden DOJ for information concerning its lawsuit against election integrity law

by ian

Ian Patrick, FISM News


Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger recently filed a lawsuit against the Biden Department of Justice for information concerning the DOJ’s lawsuit against Georgia for enacting voter security laws earlier this year.

The lawsuit is requesting, through the Freedom of Information Act, any “vital information regarding the motivation behind DOJ’s lawsuit against Georgia’s Election Integrity Act of 2021.” Raffensperger, a Republican, believes the Biden DOJ may have been in contact with political rivals at the time.

Raffensperger backed the election laws in his announcement while accusing the DOJ of trying to prevent “basic transparency.”

Considering how blatantly political the Biden lawsuit against Georgia’s commonsense election law was from the beginning, it’s no surprise they would stonewall our request for basic transparency.

Raffensperger had sent a FOIA request on Aug. 31 of this year seeking communications from the DOJ about Georgia’s election integrity laws. The request was confirmed to be sent, but no records or other documentation were released in the expected one month window.

The complaint says that the DOJ, by not providing any documentation, “is depriving Plaintiffs and the public of vital information needed to determine the extent to which and by what methods the Government is colluding or conspiring with outside entities to carry out a political agenda.”

It also accuses the DOJ of being discriminatory by highlighting similar election rules in other states like New York and Delaware that have not been targeted by litigation from Attorney General Merrick Garland, calling it “a nakedly political action.”

Georgia’s law, which became effective on March 25 of this year, was met with extreme pushback and criticism especially from the political left. Even the MLB and other companies took various stances against the law, and President Biden referred to it as the “new Jim Crow.”

On June 25, the DOJ announced that they were suing the state of Georgia, Raffensperger, and the Georgia State Election Board over the law accusing it of violating provisions in the Voting Rights Act.

In an interview with Fox News, Raffensperger said he specifically wants “to know what type of contacts they’ve had with Stacey Abrams and other organizations, and who is pulling the strings–who is pushing this politicized lawsuit.”

Abrams, a former Georgia House Representative, announced that she would be running for governor of the state against incumbent Republican Brian Kemp. She ran previously in 2018 losing to Kemp by just 55,000 votes, and claimed that she would have won if voter suppression had not taken place.