Gina Carano sues Disney over ‘Mandalorian’ firing

by ian

Gina Carano, former star of “The Mandalorian”, is now suing Disney and Lucasfilm for discrimination and wrongful termination.

Her abrupt removal from the show made headlines back in 2021 after she posted on X speaking out against the discrimination toward right-wing views.

About a year later, Elon Musk pledged to fund legal action for any X users who faced discrimination by their employers over their activity on the platform. Carano responded to the post, saying, “I think I qualify,” and it seems Musk agreed. The company is now funding her lawsuit against Disney.

Carano says she needs to take this stand for free speech and the next generation.

She might be the first of many going after the entertainment giant. Earlier this week Musk posted on X, “If you were discriminated against by Disney or its subsidiaries, just reply to this post to receive legal support.”