Google Nest Cameras Used In Mount Sinai Hospital

by mcardinal

In order to keep track and monitor the status of Covid-19 patients, New York City’s Sinai Hospital is utilizing Google Nest cameras in their patients’ rooms.  The Nest Cam is Google’s version of a connected home security camera, providing constant recording capability and a feature to send alerts to your phone  

According to an update from Google, the Hospital is putting two Nest cams in each room to keep tabs on their patients and to watch their vital signs. The nurses and doctors will have “purpose-built consoles” in order to watch their COVID-afflicted patients.  This system will be healthier and a financial plus for the medical staff, as they do not have to constantly put on expensive protective gear to check on their patients and constantly expose themselves to the virus.

Google aims to provide 10,000 of these cameras to hospitals across the nation with the same purpose.  To view the full update from Google, click this link.