Google slashes pro-life advertisement after backlash from pro-abortionists

by Seth Udinski
Google slashes pro-life advertisement after backlash from pro-abortionists

Seth Udinski, FISM News


Censorship against conservatives continues, this time at the hands of tech-giant Google. The web giant pulled the plug on a pro-life advertisement after receiving immense backlash from pro-abortionists.

The organization Live Action issued a statement on Tuesday that Google censored an advertisement created by the organization that depicts the progression of an unborn child known as “Baby Olivia,” as well as an abortion reversal pill process. The organization’s president, Lila Rose, alerted the public on Twitter.

This is not the first time that big tech companies have targeted conservatives under a guise of “health” or “social justice.” Google used the tactic in this case, claiming the abortion pill reversal falls under the category of “spreading harmful misinformation about health.” A Google spokesman said Wednesday,

Under our ads policies, we do not allow ads that promote harmful health claims. This includes claims about the abortion reversal pill’s safety.

On the contrary, Rose and other conservatives argue that the pill reversal, approved by medical experts, has already saved over 2000 unborn babies from murder.

Though an argument could be made that Google is acting within reason to ban an ad for a relatively unknown medical procedure, the tech giant also censored the “Baby Olivia” video, in which there is no case to be made for spreading false medical information.

This development is telling for Christians and conservatives across the nation, that big tech is set on squashing the freedom of speech, so long as that speech is used to share information contrary to the worldview of those tech giants.