Gov Hochul slams NYC Mayor over migrant crisis

by ian


New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is not happy with New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ handling the migrant crisis.

The city is currently struggling with over 100,000 migrants. But a scathing letter from Hochul’s lawyers in a Right to Shelter case blames Adams for being “slow to act ” and refusing state support, including shelter sites that could have housed over 3,000 migrants.

Adams declared a state emergency last October. According to Tuesday’s letter, that same month, the state offered a list of possible shelter sites, a list that was ultimately ignored by city officials.

But the city is pushing back saying many of the sites offered were unusable. They also assert the state has only reimbursed the city’s receipts up to 29%.

But there’s one thing Hochul and Adams, both Democrats, do agree on: the federal government should be the one footing the bill for sheltering migrants.