Haiti officials warn of ‘civil war’ as gangs butcher one another in public

by ian

Chaos has broken out in the Haitian capital of Port Au Prince. Criminal gangs that control much of the country have come under attack from vigilante groups in recent months.

A new vigilante group known as Bwa Kale is determined to take vengeance on the gangs that control over 80% of the city. Residents are reportedly killing captured gang members as gun battles routinely break out in the streets.

The Haitian government has said they are unable to control the situation. Less than 3,500 police officers are responsible for maintaining order in a country with more than 11 million people.

Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry said his country is being gripped by “mindless violence.”

Last week, Haitian minister of planning Ricard Pierre told reporters “the risk of civil war is very real.” Analysts, including United Nations officials, agree that unless the situation changes soon – war is likely.