Hamas claims it can’t rally hostages for new deal

by ian

The latest hostage deal proposed for the Israeli-Hamas war has been met with pushback from Hamas, for a concerning reason.

Hamas leaders told negotiators yesterday that they do not have 40 Israeli hostages who meet Israel’s criteria for release in a potential ceasefire deal. Qatari and Egyptian negotiators said that Israel sought the release of female, sick, and elderly hostages in exchange for hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in Israel.

But this admission from Hamas raises new concerns about how many of the remaining 133 hostages abducted on Oct. 7 are still alive. One source, speaking to CNN, said that Hamas’ unwillingness to speak on which hostages could be released is proving to be a major obstacle.

Israel is instead pushing for the release of younger male hostages to fill the proposed amount. But Hamas appears reluctant to uphold this request.

Unfortunately, this is a rather common tactic for the terror group. Hamas has previously called for breaks in fighting to locate and gather their hostages. They even said this back in November during the week-long ceasefire, which ended up breaking down because Hamas did not honor its commitment to deliver more hostages.

Hamas also attempts to pin any hostage casualties on Israel. The terror group continues to say that Israeli airstrikes and bombings have resulted in a number of hostage deaths. They’ve even gone as far as releasing social media video of some of the deceased hostages, claiming their lives were taken in an Israeli attack.

Israel, of course, denies these claims and says that they “do not strike in places where” hostages are suspected to be held. Israel says these claims from Hamas amount to nothing more than “psychological torment” on the hostage families.

Hostage families and Israelis in general have put great amounts of pressure on Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Israeli government to secure the release of all remaining hostages, especially now that the war has gone on for 6 months.

The Prime Minister continues to say that securing the hostages is one part of a greater goal for the war, but some in the nation are feeling restless on the matter.

Israel believes that 33 of the remaining 129 hostages are dead. The remaining hostages are believed to be dispersed among the different members and factions of Hamas, or even among other militant groups.