Hamas releases fifth group of hostages as stories of captivity emerge

by ian

Hamas released 12 hostages yesterday on the fifth day of a Qatari-brokered ceasefire.

This brings the number of freed hostages to 81. Many of them are now sharing horrific stories of their time in captivity. Hostages were reportedly beaten and forced to speak in whispers. One father tells CNN his daughter still spoke in whispers even after her release.

Meanwhile, the aunt of a recently freed 12-year-old boy says her nephew was beaten and forced to watch videos of the Oct. 7 massacre. She told French TV, “I wanted to hope they were treating him well. Turns out, no. They are monsters.”

Danny Brom, director of the Israel Psychotrauma Center, says it will take time for the hostages to emotionally recover.

More than 160 hostages remain trapped in Gaza. The U.S. is pushing for another extension of the ceasefire, which is set to expire today.