Hamas stokes flames by accepting ceasefire that Israel never proposed

by ian

Shortly before the Rafah operation began, news of Hamas accepting a hostage and ceasefire deal began to circulate.

In a statement on Monday, Hamas leadership said that it accepted proposals put forth by Qatari and Egyptian mediators. The terms include an end to the war and a days-long exchange of Israeli hostages and Palestinian prisoners. It also included a full Israeli withdrawal from Gaza. The deal was meant to be divided into three phases, each one lasting 42 days.

The announcement was met with cheers in Gaza, while Israeli hostage families implored the government to consider the proposals. The problem, however, is that Israel already denied this exact sort of deal. Israeli officials immediately disputed the validity of the ceasefire saying it included proposals that Israel previously shot down.

The government also accused Hamas of lying to control the media narrative in the war.

The announcement from Hamas also appeared to take Americans by surprise, but the State Department said it would still work on a deal between the two parties.

Israel said it would still send a delegation to Cairo to continue indirect talks on the matter despite this recent deal being “far from” their requirements.