Hill Analysis: U.S. COVID-19 Fatality Dropping

by 48N-Developer

Samuel Case, FISM News

According to an analysis from The Hill the percentages of fatalities from the coronavirus is dropping in most states. The Hill reports this decline has been occurring in many states for weeks and for some it’s been happening for months.

The report speculates the reasons for this are several fold. First and foremost they believe this is due to medical experts finding better methods of treatments. For example in the beginning of the pandemic many hospitals were placing patients on ventilators; a practice that is now used less and less. 

The Hill reports “fewer patients are being intubated,” instead “the sickest patients are being treated with drugs like remdesivir and dexamethasone, treatments that can help lower the risk of death.” Doctors are also using other methods such as lying patients on their stomach, or proning, to help increase lung capacity.

But that’s not all. They also think it may be because those falling ill with the virus are now much younger, and age seems to be a significant factor in symptoms severity. Many young people have few or no symptoms at all and through broader testing these asymptomatic cases are now being factored into the number of those infected vs those deceased. 

While good news to be sure, the report says not all states are seeing a drop in fatality, such as New Jersey and New Hampshire. And doctors warn that those who survive COVID-19 can have long term health effects that need to be taken into that might dampen the news.

Sourced from The Hill