Holy Spirit prompts police officer to adopt 5 siblings

by ian

In a story that highlights God’s ability to redeem a painful past for good, a police officer made a life-changing decision to foster 5 children.

Los Angeles Police Officer Nick Quintana says he didn’t want to interrupt lunch to respond to a 9-1-1 call from a girl. He now credits the Holy Spirit with giving him a sense of intense urgency.

On scene, he learned that an ex-wife fatally shot the girl’s father. She and her four siblings were left grief-stricken and without a guardian.

As a child, Quintana’s own father was murdered by a family member. The similarities between his story and the children’s stayed with him even after he left the scene. He felt prompted to return to the kids when able.

But when he arrived, he felt God calling him to make a radical decision. After prayer, the officer and his wife volunteered to foster all five siblings with plans to officially adopt them when able.

Because of this, the children can stay together during a traumatic time and under the care of somebody who relates to their experience.