FISMTV is a post-cable network of Christian TV programming striving to Expose Jesus for who He is, what He means, and what He can do! We produce hours of original programming weekly, including Financial Issues, Outspoken, and FISM News.


Watch FISM TV on your favorite streaming device. You can watch FISM TV on your Apple TV, Roku, Apple or Android device. Watch FISM on the go.

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Watch FISM TV on your favorite streaming device. You can watch FISM TV on your Apple TV, Roku, Apple or Android device. Watch FISM on the go.


FISMNews began as the first original FISMTV production at the network’s earliest stages. From the beginning, FISMNews has strived to cover the latest headlines and stories, bringing viewers the facts and data.


Nurture your relationship with Christ with the best faith based TV and religious talk radio at FISM.TV. We hope to share the beacon of God’s light with the world, and offer a range of free Christian shows and Christian radio broadcasts that inspire, inform, and entertain. With amazing Christian-friendly TV shows, popular Christian podcasts, and inspiring faith talk radio, you can tune into our free Christian content whenever your spirit needs a little inspiration or uplifting information.

At FISM.TV, our religious TV networks, and Christian internet radio stations are energized, feature the latest content, and will inspire you to grow deeper in Christ. With our binge worthy Christian friendly TV shows and Christian internet radio stations, you’ll always find a new Christian radio network or Christian show that you can relate to and enjoy. Free Christian content should be as exciting as it is informative, and our Christian broadcasting network TV shows and Christian radio broadcasts will speak to your heart while engaging your spirit on a deeper level.


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Our religious TV networks connect our viewers with the best Christian TV online free. Since all of our Christian broadcasting network TV shows are free to watch, sharing your favorite Christian shows with others has never been easier. We’re passionate about the wonderful services our Christian broadcasting network has to offer, and hope you’ll be inspired to share our Christian broadcasting system with others as we strengthen our Christian community together.

Our uplifting Christian internet TV channels offer truth and hope to a hurting world. With regularly updated Christian internet TV channels, we do our best to stay ahead of the troubles of today by keeping our Christian TV content helpful, relatable, and fun.

Our Christian friendly TV shows combine the best of entertainment with content that is good for the soul. Our Christianity religious TV shows are safe for kids, perfect for family TV time, and feature shows that appeal to everyone’s unique spiritual journey. Every time you check out FISM.TV for the latest Christian shows, you’ll find new Christian broadcasting network content, learn life-changing lessons, and empower your faith with Christianity religious TV shows that connect on a personal level.

Some of our favorite Christian shows, TV ministry shows, and Christian women talk shows that make the most of every faith-based episode include:


Uniting mothers through a sisterhood of faith since 2019, outspoken is our most popular tv show and podcast for women.

Good Guys! Doing Good

Follow Tim Bisagno in one of our favorite Christian shows as he travels across the country in search of “good guys” sharing the love of the Lord in adventurous and inspiring ways!

The 700 Club

Discover a mix of insightful commentary, news, and Christian ministry with a weekly dose of spiritual inspiration!

Pathway to Victory

Dr. Robert Jeffress is on a mission to share the good news of Christ with clear biblical messages and practical everyday lessons.

Stand in the Gap

Learn biblical principles that apply to the root of today’s cultural confusion.

And More Religious TV Networks...

Our Christian radio app connects you with all of our best Christian radio channels on the go. You can download and connect to our free Christian radio programs on your smartphone, tablet, PC, or smart TV. We have popular Christian podcasts, Christian teaching online radio, and Christian talk radio online for free, and are constantly releasing exciting new Christian radio online content that will feed your spirit and connect you with other believers. 

Our favorite free online Christian radio stations focus on impactful and trending topics. While growing closer to Christ, our Christian radio online features a range of educational material for daily growth and renewed strength of spirit.  When you check out our insightful Christian radio online, you’ll have free access to:

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When you tune in to Christian teaching online radio to grow with our Christian broadcasting system, you’ll discover meaningful ways to develop a closer relationship with the Lord. We constantly update our Christian radio channels with relevant discussions, useful material, and other life-changing content. We hope you’ll be inspired to share God’s love too, and through our faith radio station and religious tv channels, sharing the love of Christ has never been easier.  

For the latest free Christian news, FISM.TV is your go-to source for new, relevant, and enticing news stories. We believe that through Christ anything is possible, and with our Christian television network shows bringing you the latest information, you’ll have a daily dose of actionable, Christ-centered material guiding your days. 

Unlike other Christian live TV channels with monthly fees, we believe that sharing the love of the Lord should always be free. We want you to sit back and relax with our free Christian TV channels whenever you’re in the mood for some quality time with God. 

As one of the largest religious tv stations online, we’re adding new Christian television programs daily. We think it’s important to have the latest stories, the most inspiring content, and are on a mission to share God’s love with content that will keep you and your family entertained for hours. 

For the latest Christian investing advice, Dan Celia hosts a live-call-in financial Christian radio channel. Thousands tune in to this Christian television network show every morning from 9 AM- 12 PM EST to discover amazing ways to honor God through finances. As one of the most popular Christian television networks in the country, you don’t want to miss an episode live with Dan!

By keeping our Christian TV programs centered on faith and truth, you can count on our depth of financial material to honor God with every important financial decision. Just like our other exciting programs, our live-call-in Christian TV online is always free, and directly connects you with Dan for unparalleled access to his expertise. Since many believers tune into our Christian TV online free every day, you can gain insight and learn from others that share in your love for the Lord. 

With our faith based TV channels and Christian radio network, our number one focus will always be sharing God’s love. We hope to develop stronger faith through Christian television network shows and Christian radio online together. With free Christian radio and free Christian tv shows, we hope to become your source for accurate, honest, and actionable Christian growth.

With so many free Christian TV shows and free Christian radio stations to choose from, growing with our community of like-minded Christians is the goal. You can easily share your Christian views, discover relevant topics, and learn together as our religious talk radio and free Christian channels continue to share the Lord’s message.

We’re constantly updating our religious TV networks and Christian internet radio stations with exciting new Christian television programs and motivational Christian talk radio stations, so be sure to browse all that FISM.TV has to offer!

Sharing our Christian broadcasting system and faith talk radio is made possible by caring donors that share in our vision of sharing God’s love with others. If you love our religious channels, user-friendly Christian TV streaming, and Christian talk radio stations, your support for our religious TV stations and Christian broadcasting will have a lasting impact on our communities.

If you’d like to learn more about our free gospel TV channels, religious radio stations online, or would like to become a part of our growing Christian networks online, we’d love to hear from you. Christian live TV channels, Christian talk radio stations, and good Christian shows are one of the best ways to share God’s love with others!

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We’d love to hear your opinions and feedback! As our Christian community continues to grow together through free gospel TV channels, good Christian TV shows, and the best religious radio shows, we’re regularly enhancing our religious TV shows list and adding to the exciting religious channels available. If you have any suggestions or want to learn more about our different religious television shows, don’t hesitate to send us a message today!

For the latest religious TV shows lists, religious programs on TV, and unlimited access to free Christian channels be sure to check in with our Christian networks online daily! As you discover your favorite bible TV online, religious programs on TV, and a ton of other good Christian TV shows, we hope you’ll share your newfound entertainment hub with everyone. By supporting our religious TV channels and radio, you’re joining us on our mission of exposing Jesus for who He is, what He means, and what He can do!