Hostage report shows journalist, doctor involved in Hamas ploy

by ian

Israel is demanding answers from news outlet Al Jazeera, wanting to know why one of their reporters was holding hostages at his home.

Israel alleges journalist Abdallah Aljamal along with a prominent Palestinian doctor were holding captive three hostages freed in the IDF’s weekend rescue operation. Aljamal has been listed as an author on Al Jazeera’s website.

The outlet denies he was an official employee but says he worked as a freelancer in the past. Former IDF spokesman Johnathan Conricus says the fact a journalist was holding hostages should serve as a wake-up call to Western news outlets.

Al Jazeera is temporarily banned in Israel, having been accused of spreading propaganda and giving intel to Hamas.

This wasn’t the first time the IDF found civilians holding hostages in their homes, revealing the blurry line between Hamas terrorists and civilians in Gaza.