House Committee claims Washington Commanders’ owner tried to cover up investigation against him

by Seth Udinski

Seth Udinski, FISM News


On Wednesday, ESPN reported that Washington Commanders’ owner Daniel Snyder attempted to cover up the findings from an investigation into allegations of toxicity and sexual abuse within the franchise. ESPN described the coverup as a “shadow investigation” wherein Snyder conspired with the NFL to hide the results of the investigation.

The report further details that Snyder attempted to pin the responsibility of the organization’s moral and ethical failures on Washington’s former team president, Bruce Allen.

Some speculate that the situation with the Commanders highlights a deeper problem in the fraternity of NFL owners, which includes commissioner Roger Goodell. Critics argue that the NFL’s most powerful class continues to act with little or no supervision or accountability, a belief that would be confirmed if the Snyder/NFL conspiratorial alliance argument proves true.

While Goodell testified before the committee on Wednesday, Snyder has thus far refused to do so.

House Committee leader Carolyn Maloney said Wednesday that she would issue a subpoena against Snyder.

“The NFL is unwilling or unable to hold Mr. Snyder accountable. That is why I am announcing now my intent to issue a subpoena for Mr. Snyder for a deposition next week. The committee will not be deterred in its investigation into the Washington Commanders,” Maloney stated.

Snyder’s camp continues to argue its innocence.

A representative of Daniel Snyder recently said, “It is clear the outcome of the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into the Washington Commanders was predetermined from the beginning. The committee’s decision to release a ‘report’ and introduce legislation prior to the hearing is proof-positive this was always going to be little more than a politically-charged show trial, not about uncovering the truth. Hopefully, the committee will utilize its resources going forward for more pressing national matters, instead of an issue a football team addressed years ago.”

This latest allegation only adds to the firestorm of public controversy surrounding the once-proud NFL franchise.