House Committee focuses on violent crime in Chicago

by ian

Federal lawmakers are scrutinizing the liberal policies of Chicago prosecutors.

Republicans from the House Judiciary Committee traveled to Cook County Tuesday for a special field hearing that examined a link between those policies and a surge in violent crime.

Specifically, the hearing put State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, who functions as district attorney for Cook County, in the hot seat for promoting what the committee called “pro-crime and anti-victim policies.” Such policies were lambasted by Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio).

Gianno Caldwell, the brother of a young man who was murdered in Chicago, spoke to the committee and described the city as “an active war zone.”

One of the expert witnesses also linked the policies to a high murder rate.

There were 30 shootings in the city over this past weekend alone, with 3 fatalities, according to the committee. And now major stores like Gap, Macy’s, and Verizon are closing shop, costing the city millions. And in a recent poll, 63% of Chicagoans reported they do not feel safe.