House GOP subpoena’s FBI, IRS agents involved in Hunter Biden probe

by ian

House Republicans are looking to shed more light on alleged political influence in the Hunter Biden investigation.

This week House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and House Ways and Means Chair Jason Smith (R-Mo.) issued subpoenas to FBI and IRS officials.

All four of the subpoena recipients allegedly were “present at” or have “direct knowledge” of a meeting attended by lead prosecutor David Weiss in October 2022. It’s the same meeting in which IRS whistleblowers say Weiss claimed he didn’t have authority to charge Hunter.

A recent New York Times report suggests Weiss was prepared to “forgo any prosecution of” Hunter and only chose to charge him after whistleblowers came forward.

Jordan and Smith are asking to hear from two FBI special agents who had oversight over Weiss’ office. They will also hear from two IRS agents who supposedly have important information about the October meeting. The four will give depositions in early September.