House Oversight Committee unveils COVID Report

by Renata


A new House committee reports that scientists may have pushed a natural COVID-19 origin in order to avoid a blowup with China.

The House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic released evidence Tuesday that shows two scientists played politics when releasing early information on the virus. They stated, “This is the anatomy of a cover-up.” Specifically, evolutionary biologist Dr. Andrew Rambaut said it would be a disaster if “anyone seriously accused the Chinese of even an accidental release.”

He then suggested that researchers say COVID had natural origins. Dr. Kristian Anderson agreed, saying the politics were unavoidable in the situation. The two doctors would become instrumental in protecting China and in labeling the lab leak as a conspiracy theory.

Meanwhile, House Republicans held a briefing Wednesday on the notorious White House cocaine incident. Investigators still have not come forward with a suspect, in spite of expedient DNA and fingerprint testing.