House Republicans announce investigation into Biden family’s international business deals

by Jacob Fuller

Jacob Fuller, FISM News


Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) and the Republican House Oversight Committee announced Thursday that it is launching an investigation into Joe Biden and his involvement with his family’s foreign business dealings to determine if the president “is compromised or swayed by foreign dollars.”

Comer said at a press conference that President Biden’s claim that he wasn’t involved in his son Hunter’s foreign business deals was a lie. He referenced Hunter’s leaked communications with business partners in which Hunter referred to someone as, “The Big Guy.”

“Whistleblowers described President Biden as ‘chairman of the board’ for these businesses. He personally participated in meetings and phone calls,” Comer claimed. “Documents show that he was a partner with access to an office. To be clear, Joe Biden is ‘The Big Guy.’ This evidence raises troubling questions about whether President Biden is a national security risk and about whether he is compromised by foreign governments.”

Comer presented photos at the press conference of Joe Biden meeting with family associates while he was vice president, in direct contradiction of Biden’s claims that he has nothing to do with such business associations. Comer also said that the Bidens attempted to sell one of the largest sources of cobalt in the world to Chinese entities.

“The Bidens flourished and became millionaires by simply offering access to the family. Among the dozens of shell companies the Bidens set up, there were millions of dollars of wire transfers, flights on Air Force II to conduct personal business, and meetings with heads of state, all while Joe Biden was aware of what was happening. All the while, he turned a blind eye,” Comer said.

A Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) is a document that a bank must file with the Department of Treasury when it suspects that the transaction is related to money laundering, fraud, or other criminal activity. According to Comer, the Biden family accumulated “over 150 SARs.”

One SAR, according to Comer, indicated that Hunter Biden was doing deals with suspected human traffickers.

The committee will continue to investigate the Biden family deals, Comer said, including the SARs and bank records. The focus of the investigation, he said, will be President Biden and his activity, not his family.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) told National Report that it’s “very important that we finally have Congressional oversight of the abuses of this administration.”

The Department of Justice has focused its investigations into Hunter Biden on drug use and tax charges that can’t be linked to the president. That, Cruz said, should not be the focus of the investigation. It should, instead, be on Joe Biden’s involvement in official corruption.

“We know that Hunter Biden was on the board at Burisma, [a] Ukranian natural gas company,” Cruz said. “He didn’t speak a word of Ukranian. He didn’t know a damn thing about oil and gas, but they paid him $83,000 a month. And the only reason they paid him that was because Daddy was vice president, and not just vice president, but [President Barack] Obama had put him in charge of Ukraine in particular.”

The announcement marks the start of Republicans using majority control of the House of Representatives to investigate corruption allegations that have been ignored by the Democrat-controlled legistlature for since Biden took office. It’s likely that hearings and further announcements will continue so long as the GOP has a majority.

The Biden administration had not publically commented on the announcement at the time of this publication.